All tracks were recorded "live", like in the old days,  in few "takes" and with few microphones strategically positioned. All instruments were captured in the same room and with musicians playing closed each other with no use of headphones. The technician Hugo Silva, that also worked with Chico Pinheiro, Anthony Wilson, Zimbo Trio, Cesar Camargo Mariano, etc, made the recording and mixing. The masterization was sgned by André Kbelo.

This "old‐school" concept was a choice inspired by Blue Note and Verve Records from the 60's . The recording process had the objective to capture the spontaneous mood that happens live in Hammond Grooves shows, besides the "vintage" sound that is also a reference.

The recordings happened at Family Mob Studios that is an incredible place! It brings a cosy and natural atmosphere  like if you were playing at home. Specially for the friendship, professionalism and respect from all involved with this great family. The studio was idealized by Jean Dolabella and Estevam Romera, that produces and releases this album by Family Mob Record's label.  They made the recording studio of Hammond Groove's dreams and many other great bands that recorded there. More than this, the FMS became a centre of art, music, creativity and great vibes!



Orange Bird |  You can hear a peculiar bird for all over Brazilian’s trees, its repertoire is the most versatile and inventive, this is the Sabiá Laranjeira.  This blues is in his homage. The melody was based in it's singing to remind us that the birds was one of the first music composers of our planet.

Funktastic |  Funk, classical music and maracatú rhythm, the idea was to adapt  for organ trio instrumentation the rhythm patterns played by the "nação" = nation, so called the maracatu groups. The gonguê, a  bell like instrument, is made by the guitar . The snares, war drums and ganzás are played by the drummer. The main theme start with the organ and soon goes to the guitar changing parts between ryhtms and melody. This envolving dancing experience has it's climax inspired by "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", soundtrack of the Stanley Kubrick's  movie "2001 A Space Odyssey".

Água de Coco | It's a ballad using the traditional Brazilian rhythm called "coco". The rhythm’s looping has a mantra effect. The introduction was inspired by the tune "Web Tide" composed by the soul jazz organ player, Earl Grant. The "shaker" symbolizes the sand. The Hammond makes the sound of  water, waves and birds. The guitar and drums represent the sound of, seagulls and dolphins. A walk on the beach during the sunset. The melody tells us a romantic story while the tied rises exposing the moonlight shinning on the sea.

Toque Toque Island | This music was inspired by the  Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island". With a hot atmosphere and a unique funky groove it also homage a Island of São Paulo's coast called Ilha de Toque Toque. The tension of the harmony counterpoints the syncopated theme exposed by the Hammond organ, mixing the most border feelings. Each solist tells us it's feelings about this delicious island.

Pé Direito | A "standard" theme that remind us  the old brasilian "organ trios" from the 60's  like Walter Wanderley, Milton Banana and Ed Lincoln. The melody was inspired in solo parts of the jazz trumpeter and singer Chet Baker, adding a "noir" touch to the joyful samba rhythm.

Pereira's Walk | A funk‐groove influenced by Miles Davis, Bernard Purdie and Jimmy Smith. The theme is a very "organ trio" style right from the 60s and 70s with a modern guitar and dancing drums.


Daniel Latorre: Hammond B-3 | Wagner Vasconcelos: bateria | Filipe Galadri: guitarra.

Recorded at Family Mob Studios in august 5th of 2015 and  January 24, 25 of 2016, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

Recording and Mix by Hugo "Huguera" Silva

"Orange Bird" was recordes by David Menezes | assistant: Bruno "Skero" Lafaza

Master by André "Kbelo" Sangiacomo

Produced by Family Mob Records - Jean Dolabella and Estevam Romera.

photos above: Aaron Freier

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